Virtual Day Office Service from Velocity Virtual

Do you sometimes need quiet professional space away from your home office? Would you also like to work a day a week in your Virtual Office Address? Discover our Velocity Office (Virtual Office & 4 Day Office) Package.

Like many, at times you will need to get your head down and focus purely on work away from the distractions at home. That’s why we’ve created the perfect package for you, with a full Virtual Office plus a 4 Day Office pass to your chosen location.

feature_what_about_post_281113Velocity Office service

From £165pm

This offers the ultimate balance for a home-based worker looking for a better image with the ability to work in a prime city address for a drastically reduced price than a full office rental.

  • Full Virtual Office Service
  • 4 day office pass into your business centre
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services_business_address_281113Where can I use my 4 Day Office Pass?

Work from your Virtual Office Address for 4 days per month. Choose from our great list of locations to become your new Virtual Business Address and your office location for 4 days a month. All you need to do is book 24 hours in advance via our booking portal.

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feature_services_281113What do I get in my Day Office centre?

When you are in our business centres you are treated as a full client. That means exclusive gym use, stocked kitchens, break-areas for informal meetings and even a doughnut run on a Friday!

  • A dedicated desk, chair and IT connection in a shared business lounge
  • Super-fast broadband connection included
  • Onsite centre team on hand to offer support

DOUBLE DAY OFFICE – Double your Day Office time from 4 days to 8 days per month for an additional £120 per month.


Virtual Day Office services from Velocity Virtual

When it comes to making a strong and positive impression with potential clients, your business address is a crucial consideration. Positioned in a prestigious district, near other high-powered industry players, your company will project strength and reliability. That’s an area in which Velocity Virtual can help bolster your professional image.

But a virtual office front is only part of the consideration. Your clients and customers can call you on a local number and post correspondence to your prestigious address. But what if they actually want to stop and speak with you face-to-face? The well-manicured, professional image that you’re broadcasting will fall apart if they’re never able to meet you on site.

Complete your professional image with a Virtual Office day pass

At Velocity Virtual, we understand that our clients require more than a mere remote presence in order for the virtual office services we provide to really be of value. That’s why we offer virtual day office services bundled right into our Velocity Office Package.

Our standard Velocity Office package includes four day passes per month so that you could conceivably spend a day each week working on site in the office where your virtual package is located.

Whether you simply plan on spending time in the area on a particular day and could use a base of operations, or you need an on-site room from which to host a client meeting, we can help you make that happen. And if four times per month isn’t cutting, you can upgrade your service to include twice as many day passes for an unbelievably low rate.

Your office just got a lot less virtual

Maintaining a positive image requires strict attention to detail. The least discrepancy or inconsistency can ruin any positive effects. With our virtual day office service, your prestigious virtual front is reinforced with a genuine brick-and-mortar presence.

In that sense, we’re offering much more than a remote office presence. With our day office services, your so-called ‘virtual’ office becomes a space in which you can cultivate a physical presence. Contact us today to learn more.