Telephone Answering Service from Velocity Virtual

Who answers your calls? Would a professional receptionist give you a better first impression?

We know you can run a business successfully from home but do your clients? If you are trying to win new business from corporate clients, then we believe using our virtual answering service can give you a bigger business image than answering all your calls yourself.

feature_who_answers_281113Telephone Call Answering Service

LONDON from £45pm | OUT OF LONDON from £35pm

We answer your incoming calls passing them through as if you were working in one of our prime city offices. To your clients, it will be as if you have a executive office in London or a city of your choice.

  • Calls answered in your company name
  • Professional switchboard handle your calls
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feature_who_answers_281113Want calls announced to you?

LONDON extra £75pm | OUT OF LONDON extra £50pm

If would like your calls announced to you so you know who is calling every time we can do that with ease. It gives you ultimate control as we can even shield you from calls if necessary.

feature_services_281113How does the online portal work?

You get full control of how your calls are redirected in our live web-based portal. Your system takes care of multiple end destination options, voicemail and much more – everything you’d expect from a cutting edge call management platform.

Why use Telephone Answering Services?

If you are busy in meetings, on the road or simply focusing on a crucial piece of work, our service allows you to concentrate on your tasks, while never missing an important call. Equally, if you’re looking to portray yourself as a ‘big business’ to your clients you should be answering all your incoming calls – a virtual receptionist will enable you to enjoy a quality corporate image.

Never miss a call; never miss an opportunity. Our live telephone answering service can help your company by answering calls from clients allowing you to maintain your corporate image in one easy step!

How It Works

Simply choose a telephone answering service in London or any other UK city and attach a local number to your business. This will give the impression that your business address is based in a prime location or somewhere in the area of your target market. We will do the rest! We will answer calls while you are in a meeting or if you are on leave, serving as your telephone front desk or secretary.

  • Choose from our phone answering service in London or other locations in a range of UK cities and get a local telephone number to use for your business. This will give the impression that you are based in a prime city location or nearer to your target market.
  • A professional virtual receptionist will handle and answer calls, representing your company name.
  • Our online control panel will enable you to call clients after the initial call and update the number at your destination.
  • Calls are immediately answered between 08:30-18:00, from Monday to Friday. During public holidays and outside reception hours, calls will be directed to your company or a number of your choice.
  • Calls are automatically sent to your landline number or mobile. A request to direct all calls to your voicemail is also possible.
  • You can receive or take voice messages to your email.
  • We offer 2 months free on a one year contract or a rolling contract for £35 per month.

85% of first time callers won’t call back if their call isn’t answered. 80% of callers won’t leave a voicemail. Let Velocity Virtual’s professional receptionists answer your calls and allow you to focus on what you do best…