Mail Forwarding Address Service

Pick from a range of prime Mail Forwarding Address Services in London and across the UK and you can be up and running within 24 hours…

services_business_address_281113Protect Your Home Address from £45pm

We understand that you can operate a successful business from home but when it comes to winning new clients it’s a lot easier when you give a business address that portrays success. With our mail forwarding address service you can have the best of both worlds, at a very low monthly cost. You can use your new business address on your website, marketing materials and business cards, and when you receive mail to this location we simply collect and forward on to your current location.


  • A great business address to raise the profile of your company
  • Protect your home address identity and give the impression of being a larger business
  • Our locations are unbranded so you can freely associate your business with each building
  • Use the address on your website, letterheads and business cards
  • Mail Forwarding – either collect your business post or get it forwarded to another address (Fair Use policy applies)
  • Option to use as Registered Address (+£20 per month)

Rolling Contract or 1 Year Contract (2 months free)

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When picking your address for Mail Forwarding London is the most popular for most of our clients but we offer a great range across the UK including Bristol and Reading. Prices start at just £35 per month.

We’re one of the few mailing address providers that offer a straight forward monthly rolling contract. It’s a simple postage + handling costs for forwarding business mail. 

Mail Forwarding Service from Velocity Virtual

A virtual office front can help your small business command respect with a prestigious address to include on your business card, collateral and marketing materials. But while image is crucially important in today’s competitive market, it isn’t enough to stand alone. In fact, without an on-the-ground presence, your company’s carefully cultivated image could amount to little more than window dressing.

At Velocity Virtual, we understand that our clients are more than capable of operating their ventures remotely. But when it comes to forging new client relationships – even maintaining existing ones – your company’s physical address matters.

Our clients receive much more than a prestigious address that you can print on your letterhead and other collateral. We also offer a dedicated mail forwarding service, which means that your clients can post materials directly to the address on your business card, and you’ll receive it. Suddenly, your office location doesn’t seem quite so ‘virtual’.

Prestigious Addresses with a Real Presence

We maintain an impressive portfolio of office locations across key business districts in London and beyond. Each of our locations was carefully selected for maximum impact, to ensure that your clients and customers are well-impressed when they see your address printed on your name card and letterhead.

But we’re much more than mere curators of great office locations. Velocity Virtual also have feet on the ground at each locale to attend to your company’s needs. In addition to answering the phone on your behalf and arranging workspace for you when you’re in town, we can also provide mail forwarding in London, or anywhere else that we offer virtual offices.

Anytime mail arrives that is addressed to you, we’ll simply collect it and forward it to your current location. The process really couldn’t be any simpler, and it goes a long way toward ensuring that your business receives the respect and admiration it deserves.

More than an Image Enhancer

Having your business correspondence forwarded by Velocity Virtual accomplishes more than enhancing your company image. It can also help you stay in compliance with the law.

All UK companies are legally obligated to register a physical address where letters can be delivered. When you work from home or operate remotely, this can become a problem. Register your home address, and you’re opening yourself up to dealing with unsolicited mail or even people dropping in when you aren’t expecting them.