Business Address Service

Get a better business address without moving!

From £45pm

Make it easier to win clients in your target market with a virtual address right net to them using our Business Address Service.

Do you ever get the impression that your business card isn’t impressing potential clients as much as it could? If your business doesn’t operate at a prime location with an address to impress, then there’s a good chance your underwhelming those new contacts. Fortunately, Velocity Virtual has a solution for you.

An address to impress
your clients

Establishing a physical presence for your company in an area that is really going to impress your clients is expensive. You have to consider the cost to lease an office – not to mention the expense of moving in and fitting out the space. But thanks to Velocity Virtual, you don’t have to worry about those details.

We can offer you a better address for your business, without even requiring you to move! We operate an impressive and ever-growing portfolio of office locations around London, the Midlands, Belfast and the South Coast. With these properties at our disposal, we can provide you with a high-value virtual business address that’s sure to impress your clients.

With a virtual address, there’s no need to uproot your business, lease an expensive space and fit out your new office interior. Instead, you can continue to operate in your current location – or even remotely, if that suits your company’s service model. The only thing that will change is the contact information on your business card.

Why your Business
Address matters

Whether we like it or not, there’s no denying the fact that image matters. In fact, some would insist that the location from which your company operates is every bit as important as the product or service that you provide.

Your business card plays a role in the initial impression you leave on your clients, and it’s important that you do everything within your power to steer that impression in a firmly positive direction. Upgrading your address is one way to accomplish this.

Velocity Virtual’s portfolio of locations has been carefully curated to maximise the impressions that our clients leave. To that end, our business address service places your organisation in a prime location that broadcasts success. You’ll find yourself in good company, virtually positioned in a prestigious district that other high-powered enterprises call home.

If you’d like to learn more about our address service and how it can help to boost your company profile, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll help your business cultivate an image that commands respect.

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