The rise of online groups for remote workers

Businesswoman networking remotely with other workers

To help remote workers keep in the loop, a number of online groups have popped up. We look at what they’re for and how they can help people working from home.

If you work from home you can often feel cut off from the working life. This can mean missing out of the social side of work and the sharing of information that comes with working in an office.

To help combat this, a number of free and paid online groups have been created for remote workers with the purpose of sharing ideas, industry news and more.

Here we look at some of the choices available…

The business social media platform is a natural place to start – and is awash with groups set up for remote workers, freelancers and more.

Popular groups like LinkEds & Writers have over 78,000 members, while the Consultants Network group has over 400,000 people with which to exchange information and gossip. Try searching for more focussed groups that are part of your sector.

Like LinkedIn, Facebook has plenty of open and private groups for freelancers, though many have a more social focus.

One of the more popular groups is Remote Workerz – the nearly 2,000 members are “worldwide digital nomads and remote working professionals”.

The group focusses on those who work while they travel and also runs regular remote workers camps in places like Tenerife.

Fast becoming the go-to networking and sharing tool for businesses, Slack also benefits from its so-called ‘mastermind groups’.

These groups have titles like Online Geniuses, but don’t be put off if you’re not a fully-fledged expert – they’re a great place to discover new things, learn from those who know more, and generally be kept up to date on industry developments.

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A good place to find your perfect community is on Slacklist, which lists a number of groups.

If you’re willing – and on the position – to pay for something a bit more focussed and professional, you could try a group like FoundrClub.

There are a number of paid groups that might require you to be officially selected to join. But they’re worth the money and effort.

FoundrClub is focussed on start-up businesses that are looking to scale up quickly. It provides exclusive access to key industry influencers as well as discounts, perks and privileges.

But if you prefer to meet people in real life, then why not try using a shared office space.


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