Red tape still hampering UK firms

Red tape has been a major concern for business leaders for many years, and this is no different at the start of 2013.


Company bosses simply want to get on with their task of growing a business, without becoming bogged down in unnecessary regulation.


Some compliance obligations businesses can live with, but others just appear to be rules for rules’ sake and this is where reforms are badly needed.


The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is lobbying the government to roll back regulation, delivering on its ‘one in, two out’ pledge in 2013.


It says the volume of bureaucracy hampering firms is still “far too high” and ministers must do whatever is possible to combat regulation stemming from Europe.


Otherwise businesses – and the economy as a whole – will continue to be stifled, the BCC claimed.


It remains to be seen how much success the coalition has in unravelling red tape over the next two to three years.


But a failure to do so could be an opportunity missed for private sector enterprise in the UK.


Posted by the Secret Businessman