Recession sees entrepreneurial spirit rise

VV 9 Jun 2

Well, one good thing appears to have come out of the recession: People are getting more inventive.

Britons are becoming more prolific inventors, according to a random survey of 2,000 Britons.A third of respondents to the poll by the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair said the recession had increased their appetite for coming up with inventions and innovative, money-saving solutions, the BBC reported.

Young people are also part of the invention boom too – with five per cent of survey respondents aged 11 to 18 having looked into or applied for a patent in the last year.

Bright, smart thinking is what will drive the future products and services our country comes up with, so this rise in inventive appetite is to be welcomed.

It shows that in hard times people start looking around them – pooling their own resources – to make things better. Out of a crisis comes an opportunity.


Posted by The Secret Businessman