Raising a glass to Britain's breweries

We might be in a double-dip recession but I’ll tell you one thing that’s remained steady: We still like a drink.


I do like a beer – when travelling up north I like to try a pint of Landlord or Black Sheep. Down in the south it’s London Pride I opt for – no way do I conform to regional stereotypes!


But this blog post isn’t about me telling you about my drinking habits.


Pop into a pub these days and you’re likely to find yourself poring over a smorgasbord of different craft ales from local micro breweries.


Now – this week we’ve had a great success story – news that there are now 1,000 breweries in the UK – that’s the highest figure for 70 years.


Camra – the Campaign for Real Ale – said 158 new breweries had opened in the past year alone, the highest number ever recorded by its annual Good Beer Guide.


The lobby group said the “astonishing” growth rate had quickened over the past ten years and that the number had doubled in that time, with one brewery for every 50 pubs.


Roger Protz, Good Beer Guide editor, said: “A double-dip recession has done nothing to halt the incredible surge in the number of brewers coming on stream, making the small brewing sector surely one of the most remarkable UK industry success stories of the last decade.”


Damn straight – this is something to really get behind and be proud of. We’ve a vibrant beer-producing culture in the UK, one that could really help to get our economy moving again.