Putting the fun back into freelancing in challenging times

There’s no denying it, 2020 has been the year from hell.

In terms of working from home the whole world has had a taste of your ‘normal’, but can they really comprehend the pressures that go with being a freelancer?

Perhaps the last few months have been frantically busy for you, or maybe its been quite the opposite. Whatever the case, looking forward with optimism to the new year might be just what you need to reinvigorate yourself.

We’ve all come to realise just how lonely it can be working from home, but working alone and having no one with whom to share the business ups and downs can drain the fun out of being a freelancer. Freelancing most certainly has its perks but there will be times when it might feel devoid of joy, just because of the nature of the work.

Here are our top tips for finding the fun in your daily life and in your work.

Reward yourself
You chose to be a digital nomad for the freedom it gives you to have the life you choose. Of course, the pandemic has almost certainly put paid to that. You work hard, so give yourself a treat now and again. Reward yourself with some new stationery, a new plant for your desk, or perhaps a scented candle or diffuser. You could really go for it with a ‘Deliveroo’ lunch. You deserve it.

Exercise your grey matter
It goes without saying that our brains are engaged while we are working but have you thought of exercising your grey matter while at rest? Engaging your brain in some kind of mental activity is really helpful for making you feel refreshed and reinvigorated and there are loads of easy, free or inexpensive and fun ways to do it. Have a debate (online of course) with friends, do a puzzle, sudoku or crossword, set yourself a challenge that utilises your creative skills, such as entering a writing or design competition, and of course, there are countless free brain training apps which encourage to challenge yourself to beat your own best scores.

Volunteering, in any capacity, not only makes you feel good for the good that you are doing for others, but it also can open all sorts of unexpected doors in terms of networking and new contacts. Obviously  we are limited in what can do on in person at the moment but there are loads of virtual volunteering opportunities out there, from helping to digitalise Harvard astronomical information to counting seals. There is no doubt that charities are crying out for support like never before. Give it a go, you might be surprised at where it will take you.



Find a hobby
It’s all too easy to forget that as a freelancer you are still allowed to take time off. And even when you do take time off, it can sometimes be difficult to feel as though you’re making the most of your freedom. So why not find a fulfilling hobby? Doing something that you find fun and enjoyable can give you a completely new lease of life for your work, and make you feel more fulfilled. If that hobby is an active one then all the better, getting your endorphins activated will guarantee happiness.

Upscale your business with a prestigious address
Struggling to make the right first impression with new clients? Why not take a virtual office address for your business at a prestigious city centre address? With virtual offices starting at just £35 per month its more affordable than you might think and reassures clients that you are a credible established business. It also provides you with a Covid-secure location to meet with clients. Imagine how good you would feel with an address such an No 1 Royal Exchange Avenue, London EC3, and how impressed your clients would be meeting you in a location which is a stone’s throw from The Bank of England.


Virtual Office in London's Royal Exchange Avenue


2020 is definitely not a year to remember, but you’ve worked hard and made it through, so reward yourself, you’ve earned it.


Posted by Alex Abdelaziz

Image credits: fizkes via iStock & fizkes via iStock & Nature, food, landscape, travel via iStock