Overlook employee engagement at your peril

 &M 3 March 2

If your company has paid employees – as opposed to being a one-person enterprise – the chances are your people are one of your key assets.

It always concerns me to hear concerns about employee engagement in business, as company bosses should be making every effort to keep their workers on-side.

These are the individuals on the front line, dealing with customers on a daily basis and creating the brand image for your company.

As such, ignoring them, or overlooking their needs and preferences, is a highly erroneous approach. This will do little to boost their morale, productivity and ensure their loyalty for the long term.

This is what employers should be after – keeping their skilled, most valued workers happy in their jobs so they will not consider leaving.

Almost inevitably it costs more to hire and train a replacement than to go a little further for talented, proven performers who are already with your organisation.

Earlier this week, Ben Hubbard, director for Europe at Hay Group Insight, suggested that companies could do more to fully engage their workers – and he hit the nail on the head.

The expert reported there is an employee engagement gap of over ten points between top and average performing companies – with many firms missing out because they fail to make the needs of their workers a priority.

“For the winners, this creates a virtuous cycle of performance as they secure and retain the best talent – for the losers a major risk to their sustained performance,” Mr Hubbard said.

Employers should recognise that paid staff are one of their biggest assets, and treat them accordingly.

Communicating regularly, offering development opportunities, and delivering praise and performance incentives can all help improve morale.

By making a little extra effort, business leaders can reap the rewards.

Posted by the Secret Businessman