One third of firms failing to create social media strategy


The increasing relevance of social media as a business tool has made websites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn an important platform for companies operating across a wide range of industries.



But, a significant number of firms are still failing to take advantage of the benefits that this type of strategy can provide – something that could see them lose out considerably in the long term.


According to new research from Catalogues 4 Business, almost a third of businesses in the UK are yet to develop a plan of action for Facebook and Twitter, despite the fact doing so could lead to lucrative opportunities.


The company’s Channel Vision – Version 2.0 report, which collated answers from 100 companies, found one in ten organisations are unaware of their vital web statistics, while a further 15 per cent do not know how to measure the effectiveness of their website.


In spite of this, low-cost options – including social media and email marketing – are being picked up by companies at an impressive rate. However, many companies remain clueless about how best to put these into place.


Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are an important platform used by businesses to raise their profile, while also improving communication between colleagues and consumers.


Having a social media strategy in place is particularly important for small and medium-sized firms, as the low-cost option allows them to advertise their products and services in the public domain for free.


Commenting on the findings of the study, Ian Simpson – managing director at C4B – said online platforms continue to be a valid asset for a variety of companies – but noted it is “shocking” that some enterprises are failing to make the most of them.


He explained: “You would currently expect all companies to have social media within their mix, and more importantly have a purpose and end goal in mind.”


The expert also noted that organisations which fail to take advantage of social media are missing out on vital opportunities to interact with their customers.


Posted by the Secret Businessman