‘One Man Went To Mo’ down James


This week’s Apprentice took us on a coach journey through the English countryside full of children’s nursery rhymes, mouldy apples and a lunch that looked like it would kill you.

Daniel, after a hard pitch selling himself to his team members became PM for Tenacity, much too Marks dismay, while Sanjay put himself forward for Summit. Both teams had a clear theme, Tenacity’s was English so they headed to Blenhiem Palace in Oxford where Winston Churchill was born and Summit’s was History, so decided to head to Hever Castle in Kent, which was the ancestral home of Anne Boleyn.

Lord Sugar made it clear that again the purpose of this week’s task was to focus on profit. Tenacity took this into account pricing their coach tickets at £99.50, to include lunch and visits to two attractions. The next stage of creating high profit margins was to negotiate the prices of the tickets to the attractions. Mark’s Australian charm came into hand here as he managed to secure entrance to Blenhiem Palace for a 60% discount. Meanwhile a stony-faced Daniel, PM and a man who can ‘outsell and outclass’ anyone wasn’t having much luck on the selling front and was the only team member unable to sell a ticket at full price. I’ll give it to team Tenacity; Lauren led a great tour she knew all the required tourist information and wasn’t reading from a sheet of paper. However, when lunch was serviced, I was almost sick at the state of the sandwiches on offer. If I had been on the Tenacity tour I would have been horrified, having just paid almost £100 for a trip with an all-inclusive lunch and it didn’t even come with a bottle of water!

Unfortunately, team Summit where not so successful on the profit margin front. They decided to price their coach trip at a reasonable £60 and left James to negotiate the price of their attractions. Wrong move! James embarrassingly went in way too hard asking Hever Castle to bring their prices down by 80% which obviously they did not adhere too. Running 45 minutes late, James again played the part of idiot when he started singing ‘one man went to mo’ and ‘the wheels on the bus’ to a coach full of people of a range of ages. JAMES THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL TRIP, IT’S MEANT TO BE A LUXURY COACH TOUR!

Unsurprisingly, team Tenacity won by over £1000, although the whole team did take the boardroom as an opportunity to dig out poor old Daniel. Surely this week was going to the week we finally saw James leave us, but no, Sanjay decided to bring back Bianca and Gemma and so Lord Sugar sent Gemma packing and James hanging on a very thin thread.


Posted by Saskia Benjamin