Number of UK companies continuing to rise


The last few years has seen a much higher profile for entrepreneurialism in the UK – and about time as well.



TV shows such as Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice have had a real hand to play in raising awareness of the issues affecting small businesses.


They have also ‘turned heads’ across the country – with many people seeing looking in on the world of business for the first time and deciding it is the path for them.


Despite the UK experiencing a double-dip recession, the number of businesses being set up across Britain has continued to rise.


Latest figures from Companies House show there were 2,708,970 on the Active Register at the start of November 2012 – that’s over 15,000 more than a month earlier.


The lure of self-employment – in terms of freedom, flexibility and potential financial gains – is seemingly encouraging more people to set up their own businesses.


They are doing so out of compulsion, irrespective of the economic climate.


Many are using the internet to sell goods and services with relatively low overheads, gaining a taste for business which may stay with them for the rest of their lives.


And this can only be good news for the country as a whole, with business holding the key to a sustainable recovery.


Posted by the Secret Businessman