Number of start-ups rises significantly in the UK


Britain’s entrepreneurs are obviously a hardy bunch – we’ve had all sorts thrown at us over the last few years but are still standing up to be counted.

According to a recent study by StartUp Britain, the number of small firms rose by around a tenth in the UK last year – which in the circumstances is great news.

Some 484,224 new companies came into being, compared with the 440,600 enterprises set up during 2011 – more than 40,000 more in the last calendar year.

And while some people may have been ushered down this route by redundancies and a lack of success in the jobs market, the figures are still very impressive.

They demonstrate the passion for business people clearly have in the UK, which will be all important as the government aims to rebalance the economy away from the public sector.

Emma Jones, co-founder of StartUp Britain, recently noted that small and start-up businesses are “the driving force” for British trade and industry.

“Times are hard yes, but it never ceases to amaze us when we see resourceful Britons making business ideas come to life in difficult times,” she stated.

I agree – a big pat on the back for those taking the bold step to enter self-employment.

Posted by the Secret Businessman