New year's resolutions for businesses in 2013


So 2013 has arrived, all singing, all dancing. A new year for business leaders to get their teeth into, full of hope and promise.



But without some sort of plan, the optimism can quickly ebb away – particularly as consumers hoard their cash during the often thrifty first quarter of the year.


Business leaders should see January as a chance to think about what they have been doing well, and how they can improve over the next 12 months.


Adopting new year’s resolutions for the business – in the same way you or I might – can be the first step on the road to improved performance and increased profits.


Perhaps the plan will be to focus more on your customers, or roll out that new product or service you were considering in 2012.


It may be something as simple as keeping better track of the finances or HR administration – this all contributes to the success of your enterprise.


Company bosses don’t need to set themselves ridiculously ambitious goals. Those who do so will only end up failing to achieve them.


But putting in place a targeted action plan to improve a specific area or two could pay dividends.


Use your renewed energy and vigour to make a difference to your company in 2012 – the best time to get things moving is always the here and now.


Posted by the Secret Businessman