New scheme to offer SMEs access to business mentors


Small businesses will always find it tricky when starting off.



This is why getting access to the right type of advice is essential if they are going to be a success.


The government has unveiled a new scheme that will see 27,000 business mentors on-hand to provide support to entrepreneurs.


Some 15,000 of these will be volunteers, while the other 12,000 are going to be made up from 115 mentoring organisations.


This is exactly the kind of service that start-ups require, as it means they can get advice on a range of topics.


There is nothing worse than not knowing where to turn for help and so this will hopefully make it much easier for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs).


Let’s not forget that they are the lifeblood of the economy, so any scheme that increases the chances of entrepreneurs being successful has got to be a good thing in the long term.


Posted by the Secret Businessman