New scheme hopes to bring more women to the boardroom

A new scholarship programme has been launched to try and get more women into business leadership roles in the UK.

The Lloyds Scholars MBA Scholarships for Women initiative was launched yesterday (January 20th) and is aiming to help four females per year for four years, with each place worth £30,000.

Its aim is to not only help these women get a foot on the ladder to the boardroom, but to also raise the aspirations of other female workers in the hope of opening more doors in the future.

Lloyds says that, at the moment, women are under-represented when it comes to their pursuit of post-graduate management education and part of the reason for this is down to the fact that the financial resources to fund their studies are unavailable.

Graham Lindsay, director of Responsible Business at Lloyds, said: “Lloyds Banking Group is firmly committed to being a great place for women to bank and work and we have a robust programme in place to ensure that we are best placed to achieve this.”

Posted by the Secret Businessman