Movies to get the creative juices flowing – what you should watch this evening

Sotheby's gallery assistant Freddi Privite adjusts Odalisque Au Fauteuil Noir by Henri Matisse, with an estimate between £9-12 million, ahead of the auction house's forthcoming auction

There’s nothing better than closing your laptop for the night, putting up your slipper-clad feet and popping on a movie to wile the evening away.

We all have our favourites – but did you know that Netflix has some relatively unknown and very inspirational movies? We’ve put together a list of some films to inspire the creative side of you, for something a little different on your next movie night…

1. Beginners
This feel-good film stars Ewan McGregor as a graphic designer, who discovers a secret about his past after his father’s death. It’s funny and uplifting – but might cause you to shed a tear or two.

2. Frances Ha
Frances Ha follows the unlikely tale of an aspiring dancer who possesses no natural talent but who chooses to throw herself wholeheartedly into her passion. Prepare to be inspired to follow your dreams – it doesn’t matter how unlikely they are.

3. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing
We’ve all heard of Steve Jobs – but we haven’t all heard the incredible story of his life leading up to becoming the greatest influencer of modern communication. This is the mind-blowing true story behind the little apple symbol we all know so well.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the launch of the world's first online music market in Europe, held at the Old Billinsgate Market in London.


4. Me and You and Everyone We Know
This is the not-typically-romantic romantic comedy about and eccentric performance artist and a shoe salesman. It’s poetic, unusual and really makes you think about the intricacies of finding love.

5. A Model for Matisse
The French artist Henri Matisse’s love affair with Sister Jacques-Marie was one of the greatest in history and is the inspiration for this film. The film shows never-before filmed paintings, photographs and footage of Matisse at his best. If you want a rare look into the life of one of the master’s of modern art, this is the film for you.

6. Sing Street
Sing Street is a musical coming-of-age comedy in which a young teenager attempts to woo a girl by starting a band. Set in 1980’s Ireland, the movie is sure to give you some giggles as well as a sense of nostalgia. Plus, you’ll be singing the catchy tunes in the shower for days afterwards.

7. Russian Ark
Ok, so it’s not exactly the story that’ll blow your creative mind, though history buffs will adore tracing 300 years of Russian history. What’s incredible about this movie is the way it’s filmed – it is a single, unbroken, 99-minute shot spanning 33 rooms and including 2,000 actors. Now that’s some artistic feat!

8. The Tree of Life
This coming-of-age story about a boy struggling with an overbearing father in the 1950’s sounds simple. But poetry is the overriding theme in The Tree of Life. The director, Terrence Malick, shows that cinema is truly art in this intensely beautiful and ponderous film, during which a poetic segment is dedicated to the creation of the universe. For a real creative experience from start to finish, turn this on tonight after your final email has been sent.


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