Meeting location can determine first impression

For that all-important business meeting, it’s important to make sure you choose an appropriate location.


If you’re running a small company out of a tiny retail outlet or run-down workshop, your own business premises may not be the best place to stage it.


And equally, if you’re a homeworker, inviting the bank manager or a potential customer round for tea in the living room isn’t the best idea either.


One of the options open to entrepreneurs working in a ‘less corporate’ environment is to hire specialist facilities.


Business leaders have the option of taking the train into the city and renting a meeting room for a couple of hours – helping to make the best possible impression with the other party.


The flow of conversation may be exactly the same wherever you meet, but professional surroundings and the availability of specialist equipment during the meeting may just give you the edge.


For instance, PCs with presentation tools and projectors could be used to illustrate the points you are making a little more clearly.


First impressions count for so much in business, so the question business owners need to ask is whether they risk making a bad one?