Make your office more homely this Christmas

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If you’re one of the unlucky ones having to work over the Christmas period, here are a few ways to make your office more homely…

Not everyone gets time off over the Christmas period. Recent figures show that nearly 250,000 people will be working on Christmas Day with many more having to work Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and the days leading up to New Year.

So what can you do to get the festive feeling in your office?

1. Office slippers
Ditch the hard leather working shoes and bring in a pair of festive, comfy slippers.

In fact, you can go all out cosy in your work wear, swapping a suit jacket for a comfy cardigan. If your office is a bit cold, why not bring in a hot water bottle to put at the base of your back or under your feet.

2. Tablet for Christmas movies
For lunch breaks and times when there’s simply no work on, make sure to bring your tablet along and load it with festive film favourites.

If you’re in alone, pack a set of speakers or if you’re sharing, a pair of headphones. We suggest It’s a Wonderful Life – a tale of how hard work does make a difference.

3. Decorations
If you’ve not already decorated your desk, then bring in a few favourite desk decorations.

A simple Santa or some tasteful tinsel will brighten up your desk. You could also bring in a few Christmas chocolates or crackers to share with co-workers so you can all keep your spirits up during the day.

4. Skype with the family
Just because you’re not at home celebrating doesn’t mean you’re not in your family’s minds.

Instead of sitting alone at your desk, why not set up a Skype call. To give the full impression of Christmas, take in a plate of Christmas dinner to eat at the same time as your family.

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5. Play games
If you’re in with co-workers why not play a few Christmas games like charades?

Not only are games a great team building exercise, they’ll help the hours fly by and you’ll be home before you know it.


Posted by The Secret Businessman