Look after your staff and they'll look after you


If you want to build your business you have to invest in the people who work for you – this means taking care of employee wellbeing to ensure high morale and productivity.



That’s according to a joint study by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Simplyhealth, and while it may seem obvious, there are plenty of managers who underestimate the benefits of a positive workforce.


Howard Hughes, from Simplyhealth, said: “By investing in our people, they will invest in us and help to build strong businesses for the future.”


And I couldn’t agree more. Whether you have one or one thousand people working for you, employers will see the positive effects on engagement and performance by offering wellbeing benefits such as flexible work, healthy eating options and measures to tackle illness.


By actively adopting the tips set out in CMI and Simplyhealth’s Good Health Is Good Business study, employers will benefit from increased staff retention, lower absence and improved productivity and morale.


Posted by the Secret Businessman