Why London’s the best city for freelancers

Aerial cityscape view of London and the River Thames, England, United Kingdom

It matters which city you choose to set up life as a freelancer – and London is a great option for a number of reasons…

For most people, setting out as a freelancer can be a daunting prospect. And making sure you’ve chosen the right city to base yourself in can be as important as your website, portfolio and home office.

It’s actually no coincidence that almost 53% of people registered for freelance work are based in the capital, according to Upwork. Here are 5 reasons why London is a great city for freelancers…

Close to businesses
The capital is a hub for British and international business, so you’ll never be far from a new client, networking event or even just a fellow freelancer.

Working as a freelancer might seem like a lonely job, but in London there are so many opportunities to meet like-minded people. You’ll be able to swap ideas, keep in the loop regarding industry news and simply socialise more easily than in many other areas.

Choice of clients
As with most businesses there are two main drivers – supply and demand. And in London the supply of potential clients, jobs and contracts is higher than in most UK cities. While it’s a competitive market, there are so many companies that need work doing that many freelancers are able to pick and choose which clients they want to work with.

High demand
And to compliment the high supply of clients there’s also a high demand for freelancers. Even though there are millions of people working in London, the quantity of work that comes into the city on a daily basis means that many firms need to bring in freelancers on a regular basis just to do their day-to-day contracts, never mind covering the work if they win a large project.

This means that freelancers in London are able to charge more for their services than they could in other cities.


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Easy transport
Getting around cities as a freelancers – whether to client meetings or shared office spaces – can be difficult. But in London you’ve got a huge variety of transport choices from tubes and buses, to bikes and even boats.

The transport is relatively reliable so even if you miss the bus, another will be along in 5 minutes.

Right amenities
Even if you’re setting up as a freelance writer, you’ll still need some basic amenities. And London has them all. For starters, it has great broadband speeds allowing almost professional levels of connection at home. And with its many smaller centres, you’ll have easy access
to banks, post offices and more.

What’s more, there are few cities that have as great a selection of shared office spaces than London.


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