Lessons small businesses can learn from Oscar winning films

The 88th Academy Awards - Press Room - Los Angeles
The plots of Oscar winning movies might seem like fantasy, but there are still plenty of lessons we can learn from them

Plots for movies can range from close-to-real-life dramas to out-of-this world sci-fi – but at their heart there’s always a lesson, usually learned by the hero or villain of the piece.

Many of these life lessons can be applied to small business. And this year’s Oscar winners are full of them…

The Revenant
The real life tale of fur-trapper Hugh Glass shows how being left for dead after a bear attack doesn’t have to mean the end of your story. Through sheer will and determination, the character fights back against the odds.

The lesson: Persevere, even if you feel your company has been left for dead.  As an additional lesson, Leonardo DiCaprio proves that just because you don’t win an award the first (or fourth) time, it doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance. Keep going.

The Room
Another harrowing loosely-based-on-real-events story, this film is about a girl and her son being held captive in a room. The boy only knows this world and is led to believe that it is all that exists.

The lesson: Small business can be a bit like the Room. Owners can get trapped into believing the world around the business is all that exists. But sometimes you’ve got to break out and see what’s actually happening in the real world.

VV 1 Mar 2a

Set in the offices of the Boston Globe, it follows a team of reporters as they investigate a major scandal involving Catholic priests. The ‘Spotlight’ team is renowned for its long and in-depth investigations.

The lesson: Important things can take a while. The Spotlight team doesn’t go for the easy headline, but takes its time to go into every detail of the story. As a small business, it can be tempting to go for the quick wins, but often playing the long-game can produce better result.

Inside Out
Pixar once again scooped the Best Animated Film prize for this clever story. Set mainly inside the head of a teenage girl and featuring her emotions as the main characters, it’s about how she handles growing up.

The lesson: You’ve got to learn how to balance your feelings. If you’ve got a small staff, it’s tempting to try and put a brave face on constantly to cheer everyone up. But it’s just as important to show disappointment, anger and sadness to them – it shows how much you care about the business and will, hopefully, drive them on to succeed.


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