Keep warm and dry by working at home


For those who have been working too hard to notice, it has got noticeably colder and darker in the last few weeks. Winter is virtually upon us yet again – there seems to be so little respite these days.

Most business leaders and employees can look forward to freezing cold mornings with ice to scrape off their cars, or agonising waits at the bus stop with their teeth chattering.

There are times when going into work becomes a real chore at this time of year. All you want to do is curl up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Fortunately, for the UK’s growing army of home workers, the temperatures outside are likely to be of little consequence.

So long as they have a reliable internet connection and a working phone line, there’s little they can’t do at home these days.

Rather than trudging through snow and ice or standing up for half an hour on public transport, they can roll out of bed and switch the laptop on.

It’s quick, easy, and – at times – hugely satisfying to be getting on with productive work when the sun is yet to come up.

More and more people are getting to experience the joys of home working as businesses embrace virtual offices. Eager to reduce their overheads, companies are giving their employees the chance to work remotely.

Obviously, there will be times when it’s important to be out and about, regardless of the weather conditions. But if you’re having an admin day, a little hibernation at home may just be the way forward.


Posted by the Secret Businessman