How’s your work-life balance?


Anyone setting up their own company knows how hard it is. 20 hours a day, 365 days a year? Yes, sometimes it really is like that.

So I’m not too surprised at some new research which finds UK entrepreneurs are amongst the hardest working of all with 24 per cent taking no annual leave, compared to only five per cent of permanent workers.

The survey by Boox, a cloud-based accountancy service, found when they do take a holiday, almost half of all self-employed workers continue to work, compared to 23 per cent of permanent employees.

Entrepreneurs are also twice as likely to check work emails during holidays, the research found.

But despite the demanding workload, businesspeople remain on the whole optimistic about their work-life balance, with 56 per cent comparing it favourably to those in full-time employment.

I’m not someone who would advocate burning yourself into the ground – this is no good for long-term productivity – but my view is anyone starting out in business needs to be prepared for the reality of it.

When you’re in charge of your own business, meeting deadlines, securing contracts and meeting clients take on a whole different meaning because they have a much more important role in our lives. Some hard work is required – simple as that.

Posted by the Secret Businessman