How to travel cheaply as a freelancer

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Get more out of freelancing while paying out less on transport costs by following these easy tips…

When you work as a freelancer, commuting can often feel like an unnecessarily big expense. Try using these tips to help you reduce the strain on your budget when you need to travel for work.

Work remotely
It seems a bit obvious, but if you can organise working remotely, you can save a lot on the cost of travel. If you set up a good homeworking space that’s quiet and has everything you need, you don’t have to brave the commute or pay for the privilege. You can limit your travel spend to meetings and other important work events, and save on the daily grind. It’s better for your mental health, and better for your budget!

Connect with others
Connecting with other freelance workers can help you cut your travel costs. For example, a local coworking space can offer you a sense of structure and a change of scenery, without forcing you to spend too much on commuting. Not only can you get inspiration from your co-workers, you might be able to carpool with other freelancers to save on travel costs. Take a look at communal working spaces near you to see if you can find a working option that’s walking or cycling distance from home.

Change your mode of transport
Though it can feel counter-productive when you’re trying to maximise your day, figuring out if your current travel route could be done more cheaply is a worthwhile investment of your time. It might sound like effort, but if you can cycle rather than taking a bus or a train, you might save some money and get fit. Try and figure out a route that balances the cost of travel with the length of travel time and any health benefits. An extra 15 minutes isn’t a lot of time to add to your journey if it saves you a lot of money.

Consider spending up-front to make long-term savings
If you can, it might be worth spending a lot initially to save money in the long term. Investing in a bicycle, for example, has a high outlay at first, but is worth it for a (free!) commute. If your route can’t be biked, you can always invest in a monthly or an annual ticket for public transport, which may work out cheaper in the long run.

Shop around
Another tip for saving as you commute is to check and see if you qualify for any discounts or travel cards that could help you save money. For example, a 26-30 Railcard for train travel might save you a significant amount. If you drive, you can still lower costs. For example, check to see if you can get cheaper insurance for your car for a quick way to lower the cost of commuting.


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