How to stay social as a home worker

Business Group Having A Buffet Lunch

Remote working is growing with nearly 60% of firms employing home workers. But as it does, these workers are becoming more isolated.

It’s hard to have after-work drinks or get-togethers when your colleagues are dotted around the country. Yet socialising with co-workers is an important part of the work/life balance.

Here are our tips to keep things social when remote working

Meet with other remote workers

One of the joys of meeting with people you work with is you can talk about the same subjects without annoying those not in your industry.

This means you don’t actually have to meet with people in your company – just those in your industry.

Put a tweet out for local remote workers in the same industry and try and organise regular meet-ups. Or you could start your own Facebook group to organise such events.

Go to networking events

Have a look online for local networking groups. They’re a great way to meet new people, make some work connections and have a good time.

Many take place after working hours in pubs or cafes, so offer socialising alongside work.

Make regular office visits

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t pop into your head offices every few weeks.

Flag up with the office-based staff when you’re going to be visiting and try and organise some refreshments for after work.

While not everyone will be able to make it, socialising with a few colleagues will help strengthen connections you’ve already made over email and phone calls.

Invite people over

If you can’t make it to the head office, see if they want to come to you.

Not only will it give you time to meet with them and get to know each other better, they’ll also get a better idea and insight into your home working life. This will help when they’re back in the office.

Businessmen and Businesswomen Work Colleagues Enjoying a Drink in a Bar
Businessmen and Businesswomen Work Colleagues Enjoying a Drink in a Bar

Hire an office

Companies like Business Environments can offer you an office for short-term let.

If you were to hire one for a few days a month, you could start to make connections with others in the same building and grab some drinks with them.

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