How to make the most of your time out of the office

VV 10 Mar 2

Just because you’re out of the office, doesn’t mean you can’t get some work done

With the modern working environment changing, you might find you’re spending less and less time sat at your desk. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in some work.

Here are our tips for working on the go:


Cafes are becoming more welcoming to business workers with some offering areas specifically to set up your computer with free Wifi and power points.

Dubbed ‘Coffices’, there’s plenty of stimulation here to get the creative juices flowing and they can also double as a more relaxed meeting room. Plus, you can refuel while you work.

Tips: Do a speed test on your phone to check the Wifi connection before ordering.

Hot desk

If you’re in a strange town and need access to all the benefits of a desk, then finding a hot desk is a good idea. A more discreet and quiet option than the café, you’ll also get access to everything your regular office can offer and at an affordable price.

Tips: Give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect hot desk


If you’re out of the office during working hours the chances are you’re either at someone else’s office or on your way there. Trains are now equipped with enough technology so you can do some work while on the move. Make sure you’ve got a window seat so you can plug yourself in.


While some trains have Wifi, we recommend downloading any big files before you get on as train connections are notoriously slow.

Tips: Go online and select your perfect seat in advance to make sure you’re next to a socket.


With advances in 4G technology and the rise in tablets, you don’t actually need a set location to do your work. You can be productive on a park bench, in an office foyer or as you’re walking between meetings.

While we wouldn’t suggest creating a presentation on the move, it’s a great time to check and archive your emails, update your calendar or return a phone call.

Tips: If you’re on 4G, use your provider’s ‘coverage checker’ to see how good your signal will be at your destination.

Turn it off

At some point, you need to turn it all off. Relaxing and having time with your friends and family, or simply just taking in the views and zoning out for a while, are all an important part of a productive working day.

Tips: Take a couple of minutes every hour to look away from any screens to rest your eyes and brain.

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