How to guide launched for start-ups

VV 21 Apr 2 a

There are plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs in the UK.

However, many of them may struggle to find the right guidance. Fortunately, this is all set to change thanks to Expert Market, as the firm has unveiled a new guide to help start-ups.

With 10 per cent more businesses founded in 2012 than 2011 – and this pattern looks set to continue – there will be a lot of people hoping to receive specialist guidance on a number of issues, such as taxes and red tape.

“The guide is structured so it is clear where to begin. It takes you through each stage of the process, from finding a business location, to hiring employees and making a sale,” the company stated.

Hopefully, this free interactive guide will act as a go-to resource for any novices in the industry, who are well placed to run a successful business but just need a bit of help.

Posted by the Secret Businessman