How to find the fun when the freelancer life gets tricky

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Life can get pretty frantic when you’re working as a freelancer. It can often be hard to find the fun in your work and general life. Reinvigorate yourself and make life more interesting with our top tips.

Working alone and having to do everything yourself can drain the fun out of working as a freelancer. No matter the perks of the job, there will always be moments that feel quite devoid of joy, just because of the nature of the work. Make sure you find the fun in your daily life and in your work by following these ideas.

Find your hobby
When working as a freelancer, it’s easy to forget that you’re allowed to take time off. And when you do take time off, it can be difficult to feel as though you’re making the most of your freedom. So why not get a fulfilling hobby? Doing something that you find enjoyable and fun can give you a new lease of life for your work, and make you feel happier with your situation. If it’s active, even better, as freelancer work can often require sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

Take your work somewhere else
Even if you’re a digital nomad, your working environment can get pretty stale after a while. It’s hard to maintain creativity over long periods of time, so why not stimulate your brain by taking your work somewhere else? If the weather’s good, go outside and find a nice spot to work in, or find a new café or workspace with new people to interact with. It doesn’t have to be every day, but a workspace refresh does wonders for making things feel more fun.

Make everything a game
Though working a lot is likely inescapable because of the nature of freelance work, it doesn’t all have to be a chore. Doing paperwork, sorting files, generating invoices and other “boring” aspects of freelancing can be made a bit more fun by gamifying it. Set yourself a challenge to do a certain number of tasks within a certain time, or get a fellow freelancer involved and see who can complete tasks first. Give yourself a treat for getting things done, and soon those dull tasks won’t seem as bad!

Reward yourself
The whole point of working as a digital nomad is to offer you the freedom to have the life you choose. Take the time to reward yourself with enjoyable activities, items or even work perks to ensure that your everyday working life is still fun. Why not treat yourself to new work tools, or up your coffee game for an everyday treat? If you’re someone that works a lot in less-than-ideal working conditions, you can get yourself a regular massage to work out the kinks and give yourself a rewarding boost.

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Engage your brain
It can sometimes be easy to only engage our brains when we’re working, rather than when we’re relaxing, as it feels too taxing to make ourselves think on our days off. However, engaging your brain in some mental activity is actually helpful for making you feel refreshed and reinvigorated. Easy and fun ways to engage your mental power don’t have to be expensive. It can be as simple as getting into a debate with your friends, doing a puzzle or crossword, or setting yourself a challenge that uses creative skills, such as entering a competition for writing or art. There could even be money in it for you!


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