How to create an inspiring work environment on the go

When your working day could be spent anywhere, from your home office to a café abroad, how can you make sure you feel inspired and motivated by your surroundings – wherever you are?

As a freelancer, you’ll balance your working hours between a home office, various client sites and just about anywhere you can find to get a decent wifi connection to get some good productive hours in. In fact, you’re basically a professional nomad. So how do you make sure that wherever you are, your working environment is stimulating, inspiring and comfortable?

Here are our top tips for a pleasant work environment.

1. Natural light is a blessing
Whether you’re working from your living room or a flexible office space, make sure there’s plenty of natural light to keep you alert. What’s the point in a personal office if you still end up feeling like you’re in a dark little cubicle?

2. But don’t forget to “lamp” things up too!
Even though it’s important to foster a work-life balance and switch off at the end of the day, you might find yourself working into the evening from time to time. Ensure there’s an overhead light that provides enough light to keep your eyes from straining – and one or two table lamps nearby won’t go amiss, either.

3. Believe in the power of colours
Did you know that the colour of the room you work in can affect your mood and motivation? For example, a blue room might make you feel calm and relaxed, whereas a purple room can make you feel anxious. Try to find spaces with green or yellow paint or flourishes to make you feel energised and ready for anything.

4. Keep away from clutter
Clutter not only physically impinges on your workspace, it also distracts you from the task at hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your own kitchen, a hired workspace, or a favourite café – it’s essential to keep your desk clutter-free (think 80% free desk space).

5. Stock right, pack right
There’s nothing more annoying than settling down to your desk/kitchen table/café bench and realising you’re missing any of your essentials. Before beginning work, make sure you have everything you need stored in your laptop bag, backpack or a nearby drawer.

6. Bag some chill time
Ok, not many of us can concentrate on editing or spreadsheets while lounging on a beanbag – but make sure that even if you’re spending most of the day at a table you take time to relax, too. That could mean taking a walk, lying back on the couch to read a chapter of your book or doing some yoga.

7. Plant power
On average, people feel happier when they’re around plants (or dogs, but you can’t guarantee there’ll be a pack of pups in many places you work!) Pop some plants in your home office or try to pick spots with views of gardens to get you feeling energised and cheerful.


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