How to connect with colleagues when working as a freelancer

Keeping socially distanced shouldn’t stop you from staying in touch. Discover some of the ways you can build relationships with fellow professionals…

Form a freelance super-team, hone your skills and make the most of social media. Here are some of our favourite ways to forge new business friendships…

Start mentoring
Through mentoring you can share the tips and tricks you’ve picked up in your career with a less experienced professional. You’ll not only coach others but enjoy the social benefits of interacting with an enthusiastic protégé. There are plenty of platforms out there that match willing mentees with the perfect mentors and you could help hone your student’s skills or teach them how to navigate the challenges of managing a freelancer lifestyle. We’re sure you’ll learn a thing or two from your apprentice in the process.

Join virtual meetups
In-person encounters may be off the cards for now, but virtual conversations are a great way to meet with friendly faces. Platforms like Meetup allow users to browse online events to socialise with others. The streamed gatherings are organised according to groups spanning a wide range of interests; book clubs, business and board games are all catered for. If you struggle to find a group to suit your needs, there’s always the option of creating your own virtual community.

Hit social media
We usually associate our time spent scrolling through social media feeds with procrastination. However, with the right connections, your time online could help to build a professional support network. Start by following and adding like-minded individuals in your field. Engage with their posts and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their work to pick up tips along the way. Once you strike a rapport, you’ll find the perfect audience to celebrate your successes with.

Team up with other freelancers
Teaming up with another professional is the ideal way to boost business and your social life. You could look for someone who shares your skills to help lighten the load or partner with a freelancer who specialises in a different field. A carefully chosen colleague will help you deliver new services while introducing you to more clients. As you work on deadlines together, the opportunities to offload about a tough day or to catch up online will soon start cropping up.

Enrol in courses
The best freelancers are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills or add another string to their bow. Joining online courses can help you diversify your services and meet like-minded professionals in the process. Skillshare prides itself on hosting a learning community for creatives and best of all, their lessons are delivered with interaction in mind. Classes covering everything from animation to web development are delivered alongside chat windows where members share their comments and start new friendships.


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