How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the road

The freelancer life shouldn’t mean you miss out on St. Patrick’s Day. Follow our tips to make the most of Ireland’s favourite holiday.

No other patron saint inspires a party quite like Patrick. Read on to learn how you can mark the day while freelancing…

Eat appropriately
If you’re going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll need to fuel the big day’s activities appropriately. Soda bread is an Irish staple: a hard crusted, slightly sour loaf that can be topped off with a smothering of Kerrygold butter and used to soak up the remains of a traditional Irish breakfast – think a fry up with added white pudding. Why not try your hand at cooking up an Irish stew later in the day?

Listen to Irish music
What’s a celebration without music? If you’re spending St. Patrick’s Day far away from an Irish bar, you may have to settle for streaming Celtic sounds. If you’re lucky enough to be in a town look out for venues hosting traditional musicians. Expect bodhráns, a handheld circular drum played by hand, or drumsticks known as tippers to set the pace, as fiddles, flutes and accordions play cheerily along

Attend a parade
St. Patrick’s Day parades are the perfect combination of song, dance, food, and drink to mark the patron saint’s big day and as a freelancer you have more choice than anyone to see how the world celebrates. The usual suspects of New York and Sydney throw their own parade but if you’re working elsewhere you could be in luck. Munich, Buenos Aires and even Montserrat host their own street parties that are all worth a visit.

Wear green
It may scream tourist when in Temple Bar, Dublin, but there’s no better way to show you’re thinking of St. Paddy than donning some green. We’re not suggesting face paint, leprechaun waistcoat and faux beards, but a touch of emerald is the perfect nod to Ireland’s favourite saint when celebrating on the road.

Head to an Irish bar
They’re found in almost every corner of the globe and the perfect place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Keep an eye out for your nearest bar and especially those with live bands or Irish dancers performing on the night. It’s only right that you mark the big day with a pint of the black stuff too and who knows you could be merry enough to try your hand at the Riverdance…


Posted by Ciara McDonnell

Images courtesy of Press Association