How a virtual office can benefit a freelance business

If you are considering signing up for a virtual office, here five business benefits which could help you make up your mind.


Creating the right impression with a prestigious virtual business address is easier and more affordable than you might think.

1. Cost savings
Virtual offices start at just £45 per month so no need to worry about the costs associated with physical office space, such as business rates, utilities and insurance.

2. Image
A freelancers reputation is paramount but it can be difficult to appear professional when working independently from your front room, even though currently the whole world is doing it. A virtual address in a prestigious location, reassures clients that you are an established and credible business. With professional receptionists handling your calls, clients will also gain the impression that your company employs a wider team.

3. A place to meet
One of the more tangible benefits of a virtual office is the availability of meeting rooms and day offices at your virtual business address. There will once more come a time when we are able to meet face-to-face, and your virtual business address is the perfect place, with complimentary refreshments and audio visual equipment for all your meeting requirements.

4. Professional call answering
If you need to delegate some of your workload, a virtual office could be the ideal solution. With front of house staff picking up phone calls you can free up your time to concentrate on running your business.

5. A new location
Perhaps you are looking to expand your business to new locations.  A virtual office allows you to establish a presence in an entirely new part of the country with none of the risk usually attached to such a venture.


Posted by The Secret Businessman