Making the move from freelance to small business owner |

Can you transform your freelancer operation into a registered small business… At some point many freelancers think life would be easier if they were running as a small business. Whether that’s because they’re getting enough work to be employed five days a week, 50 weeks a year, or they feel they’ll never be taken seriously … Continued

Getting the most from your first employee |

As a new business, your first employee is a big investment – so you need to know how to get the most from them. Appointing your first employee is a big moment in any business. No matter how big or small you end up being, all firms have to go through this process at some … Continued

5 myths about working from home |

If you haven’t worked from home, you may dream of rolling out of bed in your pyjamas and strolling to your desk, coffee in hand. Office-based employees may think that remote workers have it easy, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. We look at 5 commons myths about working from home. 1. It’s … Continued

Business owners work 63% longer than other Brits |

Small business owners know how hard they have to work to get their company of the ground and help it to grow. And on average, those who head up their own organisation work 63 per cent longer than the average Briton – around 52 hours each week, according to call handling solutions company Penelope. The … Continued

Flexible working – the definition and the law |

“Flexible working” is a subject we return to frequently on the Velocity Virtual blog, because it’s likely to be key to many entrepreneurs who use the service. But it’s worth taking a step back to consider what it is, and what all companies – not just those who make a point of working “flexibly” – … Continued

The home working debate goes on |

The debate about home working continues with more big companies chiming in to offer their two cents. What started as a Yahoo! memo to employers saying they could no longer work from home as CEO Marissa Mayer believes great things happen in the corridors at work, has lit the web on fire. Richard Branson was … Continued

Working from home ‘can bring many benefits’ |

Working from home is often put forward as a great solution for people looking for a more flexible employment pattern. Individuals will be able to plan their shift out in a way that suits them, while they will have more time to focus on their day-to-day activities as their commuting times are non-existent. I think … Continued

Home working ‘is a great option’ |

Home working is a great option for people determined to strike the right balance between their job and personal life. Thanks to the increasing use and functionality of the internet, workers can stay in touch with the office and still perform their duties to a high level.

How’s your work-life balance? |

Anyone setting up their own company knows how hard it is. 20 hours a day, 365 days a year? Yes, sometimes it really is like that. So I’m not too surprised at some new research which finds UK entrepreneurs are amongst the hardest working of all with 24 per cent taking no annual leave, compared … Continued