Home working ‘is a great option’

VV 21 July 2

Home working is a great option for people determined to strike the right balance between their job and personal life.

Thanks to the increasing use and functionality of the internet, workers can stay in touch with the office and still perform their duties to a high level.

I think this is great, as it means staff members – especially those with young children – can spend more time at home during their kids’ formative years.

Indeed, a new term – the work-life merge – has even been coined to reflect the fact that work and free time are no longer being neatly compartmentalised, while it is not uncommon for individuals to start their working day off in the office and finish up at home.

A Siteopia spokesman said: “The internet is now such a big part of our lives that it’s no surprise so many of us rely on it to function day to day.” 

Posted by the Secret Businessman