Historic trade deal good news for SME exports

VV 23 Dec

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could be about to find it a whole lot easier to export their services and goods thanks to an historic new trade deal.

Prime minister David Cameron has said that the agreement – struck in Bali – is the first of its kind in 20 years.

SMEs are generally the group of businesses most affected by the costs of administration when it comes to expanding into foreign markets and it’s hoped that the new arrangement will bring new opportunities to them by cutting needless red tape.

Mr Cameron said: “This deal will help boost our exports, meaning that UK companies can grow and employ more people.”

He added that around 100,000 new jobs and £30 billion could be generated over the next five years if 100,000 SMEs started exporting.

Recent research conducted by Barclays urged smaller companies to take their products overseas as early as possible to ensure that their growth potential wouldn’t be limited.

Posted by the Secret Businessman