Government scheme aims to educate against online crime


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are being targeted by a new government initiative aiming to clamp down on online crime.

Cyber Streetwise has been launched with the aim of changing the perception of how to stay safe for those who use the web to do their shopping or banking.

According to supporting research, less than half of internet users install security software when they receive new equipment, while just over a third (37 per cent) download updates to make sure their computers are protected against the latest threats.

Even fewer (21 per cent) updated their smartphone or other mobile device and just three out of ten respondents said that they used complex passwords to lock people out of their online accounts.

With an increasing number of SMEs turning to the internet to boost business, it makes sense for them to do everything possible to limit their exposure to risk as they set out on their new venture.

Security minister James Brokenshire said: “Cyber Streetwise is an innovative new campaign that will provide everyone with the knowledge and confidence to make simple and effective changes to stay safe online.”

He added that as well as creating opportunities, the internet had also introduced new threats to businesses and the government was determined to take “the fight to cyber criminals, wherever they are in the world”.

The campaign is hoping to not only enlighten SME owners, but consumers too – allowing customers to feel safe and comfortable when choosing to shop online. It’s hoped that this will encourage even more business to be done via the web.

Despite modern technology doing its best to protect internet shoppers, 52 per cent of web users said they feared losing money, with 16 per cent claiming to have had at least £500 stolen as a result of online fraud. Another perceived threat is identity theft, with 48 per cent admitting this was a concern to them.

Do you feel comfortable operating your business on the internet? Do issues like fraud bother you at all?

Posted by the Secret Businessman