FSB urges small firms to invest in web for growth

VV 6 Jan

Does your company have its own website? If not, you could be losing out on valuable business and opportunities for growth

One in four small firms don’t have their own website, according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), meaning they lack a competitive edge as advertising budgets can’t match those of bigger organisations.

The FSB believes this is a missed opportunity for small businesses, which should be using a website to attract new customers as well as promote their company to a wide audience, Fresh Business Thinking reports.

Mike Cherry, national policy chairman for the FSB, said: “We want to see firms maximise the opportunities that technology presents, so they can be competitive and grow their business and have a positive impact on the communities they rely on for business.”

Setting up a website isn’t as difficult as you might think – nor as costly. There are plenty of DIY websites out there, which offer a basic template that you can customise to suit your needs. However, there are limits to the capabilities of these.

Alternatively, you can get a web company to build and design your site for you and while this may be a more expensive option (from a few hundred pounds to thousands), you should really be looking at it as a necessary investment to grow your company.

As well as growing your brand through a dedicated website, a strong social media presence has “huge” potential to innovate businesses of any size – small, medium or large, the Guardian believes.

“They offer a space in which companies and individuals can benefit from having access to creative clusters of professionals who are willing to share their ideas,” it says.

And while small and medium enterprises (SMEs) may not have the same kind of resources as bigger companies, that shouldn’t be a deterrent when working to create an online profile. Focus on matters that interest your target consumers through high-quality, relevant content. In this way you’ll be able to attract people to the virtual space and in turn, to your brand.

Posted by the Secret Businessman