From board games to the board room


Standing on the deck of HMS Belfast Lord Sugar announced that this week’s task was to design and sell a new and never been done before board game. After we said goodbye to Sarah and Steven a few weeks ago I was sure that the teams were going to be able to come up with a good, creative and realistic idea instead of the usual jokes that are brought up whilst brainstorming.

After his telling off last week James was very quick to put himself forward as PM for Summit to show to everyone that he can be the serious candidate he hasn’t yet proved to be in. James proved very able, at least to shout and dictate to other candidates where he thought they should go and when he thought they were doing wrong, but other than this he didn’t do much. Roisin should definitely be congratulated on her input to this task, she came up with their whole board game of ‘Geoknow’ a fun geographical board game where individuals would have to guess the country on a card from either verbal or written clues. Simple, easy and fun.

Unfortunately, Tenacity were not as successful in their brain storming and ended up with a relationships board game that ignored all concerns from the focus group. It involved answering questions (written by quiz master Daniel ) about the opposite sex with very stereotypical and offensive answers. The rest of the task was really a waste of time for team Tenacity, none of the sub team were encouraging and positive about the product but thankfully they had Mark who was able to sell probably the worst board game in the history of board games to a few independent shops.

Team Summit did very well on the sales front, primarily down to the fact they had a good product that was actually enjoyed by their focus group. The only slip up was down to Bianca, although it was small it was major. She offered exclusivity to a small independent toy store for the whole Westminster borough for the sale of 6 products! This prevented Waterstones from selling the board game in their flagship store in Piccadilly Circus meaning James had to lower their prices.

Unsurprisingly, team Tenacity lost this task and Pamela decided to bring in Daniel (shock horror) and Lauren for being negative, who could blame them? The usual antics went on with the ‘stop passing the buck’ ‘take some responsibility’ and the ‘Lord Sugar please if I could just….’ This week the blame landed on the PM and Pamela was fired allowing Daniel and Lauren to learn from their mistakes and take part in next week’s episode in New York.

Posted by Saskia Benjamin