Freeze fuel duty to boost small business prospects


Enough is enough where fuel price rises are concerned.



Clearly there is little that can be done about dwindling fossil fuel reserves, and the impact this has on price at the pump, but the government is compounding the misery for small businesses across the UK.


The high rate of fuel duty paid by motorists is already a bone of contention for many, and that is before another 3p per litre rise comes into effect in January.


A high proportion of small firms are reliant on road transport in one way or another, and putting the price of fuel up further is a real kick in the teeth for struggling firms.


I have to agree with Alex Jackman, senior policy adviser at the Forum of Private Business, who describes the coalition’ plan as “nothing short of economic vandalism in the current climate”.


Give us a break Mr Osborne, please. We keep getting the same old rhetoric out of Westminster about how small firms will be vital to driving a sustainable economic recovery.


The worst thing is, this could easily be true – that is if small firms are not forced to work with one hand tied behind their backs.


Mr Jackman says that the fuel duty rise will be “the worst possible start to the new year” for cash strapped small businesses. And yes, it will.


Of course, the Chancellor could still choose to ditch the increase in his upcoming Autumn Statement – what a gesture that would be to hard-up small companies.


Freezing duty for the foreseeable future could help companies keep on top of expenditure, while freeing up more cash for consumers to spend in the economy.


This could be a win-win scenario, one which puts the economy firmly on the road to recovery. But sadly hammering motorists once more looks like a much more likely outcome.


Posted by the Secret Businessman