Freelance Fridays: Unusual social meet-up ideas

The bartender pours a glass of red wine with bottle in the bar.Glasses of red wine on the bar next to bottles of alcohol

Working from home can be a bit of a solo mission, so it’s important to make sure you still get in some social events that you’d usually attend if you worked in an office.

Take a look at these ideas for unusual and novel meet-up ideas to enjoy with fellow freelancers, for some creative inspiration and a lot of fun.

1. Wine-tasting class
It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding sommelier or the type of person who’s likely to guess “bananas” as the overriding tone in a glass of wine – a wine-tasting evening is a great way to have a giggle and enjoy a drink while learning something new. What a great excuse to gather a group of pals, don something glamorous and head out for a sophisticated and fun evening!

2. Ceramic painting
Did you ever get booked on a pottery class or an arts-and-crafts camp when you were a kid? Do you remember the liberating feeling of getting your hands, apron and surrounding area covered in paint and glue and not caring? Ceramic painting is the grown-up version. Depending on the ceramic café or workshop you choose, you can make the pottery and then paint it or just pick a piece you like, ready-made, and decorate it how you wish. There’s even tea and coffee up for grabs. What’s stopping you?

3. Movies at the museum
Ok, so going to see a movie isn’t exactly a novel plan for an evening out. But what about when the movie is playing on a large screen set up in London’s Natural History Museum? There’s something for everyone, from heart-warming classics to scary sci-fi, all playing beneath the majestic blue-lit whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling. This puts a magical spin on an average movie night.

4. Soap-making
Like ceramic painting, soap-making is another activity that one might associate with childhood, but which provides hours of fun for adults, too. You’ll have the chance to create something completely personal to you (from the scent, to the shape, to the colour – there are hundreds of options!) while having the chance to make a bit of a mess and have a lot of laughs along the way. This activity is sure to bring out the inner child of even the most serious of pals.

caucasian fitness woman practicing yoga at sunset

5. Hot yoga
Working freelance can be stressful – whether you’re inundated with clients or waiting for the next one to come along, it’s not always smooth-going. It’s important to get enough exercise in and turn your mind off from your work – and if you can drag your friends along with you, a tedious hour jogging on the treadmill can turn into a great fun and rigorous class. Why not try hot yoga? Let your mind wander from the real world while toning up at the same time. You’ll be feeling fresh when you next hit the office!

6. Volunteer at an animal shelter
This might sound intense, and something you might not be able to fit into a busy schedule. But it doesn’t have to be! Most shelters require commitment of 4 hours per month or so, but you’ll probably end up wanting to do more. Love dogs? Get out and about walking the shelter dogs, getting some fresh air and time to chat with other volunteers. More of a cat person? Cosy up in the cat shelter and play with kitties for an afternoon per month (or more!). You’ll feel great about helping others as well as benefiting your health and gaining new experience in the process.


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