Flexible working can "boost bottom line"


For small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to get ahead while making savings at the same time, the answer could lie in flexible working.

A joint report by think tank RSA and Vodafone shows that by offering this style of conducting business to employees, huge savings and increased productivity could be enjoyed by firms.

In fact, the study shows that on average, flexible working could pump an extra £8.1 billion into the economy each year – this is the same amount that it would cost to build 400 new secondary schools or employ 200,000 nurses.

However, more than one in ten employees (13 per cent) who ask for flexible working aren’t being offered the opportunity, the report shows. This is despite the fact that employees that do work in this way say they gain on average an extra five productivity hours per week.

Therefore, Jeroen Hoencamp – enterprise director at Vodafone UK – told business leaders to “adopt a new mindset”.

“The traditional workplace is dead – with an optimised approach, businesses can overcome any downsides and greatly increase efficiency and productivity [through flexible working], as well as boost their bottom line,” he added.

Posted by the Secret Businessman