Firms lose out on "24 days productivity" every year


Companies that don’t let their employees work from home could be losing out on an extra 24 days productivity every year.


That is according to conference call provider UCi2i, which found that if staff are allowed to work from home they are more inclined to do overtime.


And from an employee’s’ point of view, being able to complete job-related tasks in their own house is the ideal solution, as it allows them to strike a better work/life balance – according to 13 per cent of respondents.


On top of this, 26 per cent say the peace and quiet boosts productivity when compared to office distractions and 18 per cent relish the fact they don’t have to waste time commuting to work.


This is why UCi2i is encouraging businesses to make use of affordable conference call facilities to keep in touch with staff members working out of the office.


Michael Grant, group managing director of UCi2i, told Fresh Business Thinking: “Investing in easy to use software and encouraging employees to work from home can significantly improve businesses productivity and profit.”

Posted by the Secret Businessman