Exercise is the key to productivity says Virgin CEO


Richard Branson’s top tip for a productive day.

There are countless ways to boost productivity, from to-do lists to morning routines, meditation to productivity apps, but according to the Virgin boss all you need to keep you energised throughout the day is exercise.

Speaking recently to CNBC, the business magnate revealed; “The only reason I’m able to do all the things I do and to keep on top of a busy schedule without getting too stressed is because I stay fit.”

Exercise improves blood circulation which leads to improved focus, it also boosts energy levels and the metabolism as well as providing a rush of endorphins which result in a natural ‘high’. On top of this, sleep quality is improved, which all adds up to greater productivity levels.

Clearly exercise isn’t just about improved productivity, it has manifold health benefits as well as helping to reduce anxiety and depression which can seriously hinder output.

Even 30 minutes of exercise a day can help to regulate the ‘fight or flight’ response our body experiences during attacks of anxiety. The endorphins released when we exercise naturally counter the body’s stressors, acting as analgesics.

It goes without saying that to-do lists will of course help organise our daily tasks, and morning routines will help put us in the right frame of mind for the day ahead, but when we are feeling the pressure, our brain needs a mechanism for pulling away from the momentary stress to provide natural chemical comfort. Exercise if by far the most effective formula for this.



Of course, exercise doesn’t have to be running a marathon or a full on HiiT class, it can be as simple as a lunchtime walk in the park, a cycle ride, or a dance or yoga workout. The trick is to schedule this time into our daily routines, making time to workout, in whatever form, an everyday priority. Your productivity levels, not to mention your mind and body, will thank you for it.


Images courtesy of: Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive/Press Association Images, Hugo Philpott/PA Archive/Press Association Images & Press Association Images