Even homeworkers need morning routines

The freedom that working from home gives is alluring, but can create its own problems. A morning routine is an important way of removing the temptation to turn the TV…

Office workers need morning routines as a means of getting from A to B for a set time and to avoid getting into trouble for timekeeping. But if you want to keep afloat in the business world and work from home, a routine is just as important.

Otherwise, before you know it, it’s midday, you’re still in your pyjamas, and all you’ve done is accidentally watch hours of mind-numbing daytime TV, while your inbox fills up in the background…

Here are some tips to help with home-working productivity…

Get dressed
You may have the option to lounge around in your PJs, but that doesn’t mean you should. Getting up and dressed at a set time will put you in a much better frame of mind to tackle the day’s work head on. You don’t have to wear your best suit and tie, but dressing smartly is of real psychological benefit to home workers.

Have breakfast
Don’t be tempted to wake up, turn your phone on and check your emails. If you’re not careful you’ll end up dealing with work issues on an empty stomach, and that’s no good to anyone. A strong coffee might not go amiss either…

Be at your desk on time
Try and set yourself a specific time to begin work, that way you’re not tempted to put things off. If you don’t, there’s a danger you could end up frantically trying to get things done into your evening. You might even get to finish early if you can cram enough in.

Check emails
Now you’re all set up, start the day by checking and responding to any emails from outside of your working day so you can ‘clear the decks’ and carry on your tasks with a fresh state of mind.

Set targets and rewards
Without any colleagues (and specifically, superiors) around you to spur you on, you may struggle at times to be motivated, especially when the temptation is always there to simply shut that laptop lid.

Setting achievable daily targets is a great way to maintain vitality in your work, and you can reward yourself with a break afterwards. Just stay away from the TV if you can though.

Keep interaction to a minimum
If necessary, close yourself off from what may be going on elsewhere at home. Tempting as it may be to say hello to your children, before you know it you’re roped in to building a Lego tower – and that’s not going to get your professional jobs done!

Although obviously there may be times when you are needed, in which case you must be prepared to leave your work for a moment.

Try and avoid social media too, unless you’re having a break. Dipping in and out of Twitter and Facebook doesn’t put you in a productive state of mind.

You may look at these tips and wonder what the benefits of homeworking are, but remember, at least you’re not sat on the Underground day-in, day-out, or stuck in traffic.

Posted by The Secret Businessman