Episode 2: A double elimination


Wednesday night brought the second episode of The Apprentice to our screens with two candidates being fired in one go.

Episode two challenged the now 19 candidates to design, create and sell an item of wearable technology. The nature of the task particularly suited anyone interested in or with experience in fashion or technology.

After last week’s slip up and due to his professional interest in fashion, Lord Sugar made it pretty clear that he wanted Robert to take up the role of Project Manager for team Summit, however Robert quickly dismissed these indicators because he was into ‘luxury, high quality fashion’ and wearable technology was just below him. The role of PM was again passed over by keen technologist Solomon Akhtar, leaving the role of PM to Scott, an aggressive Scotsman who had attended one conference on wearable technology and who quickly threw a hissy fit once his idea was dismissed. The boys who vowed to ‘smash it out the park’ unfortunately they did not quite live up to their own expectations when they came up with the idea of a jumper with a recording device, which essentially could have been branded as a Christmas jumper for a pervert.

Could things get any worse for team Summit? Answer: Yes! When Daniel decided that a good sales pitch involved agreeing with all the buyers concerns and admitting he wouldn’t be caught dead in the jumper.

The first job for the girls was to come up with a new name, after ‘Decadence’ received a concerned stare and dressing down from Nick and just like that team ‘Decadence’ became team ‘Tenacity,’ which quite honestly is something that none of them have. Unlike the boys, the girls were full of ideas, in fact too many so decide it would be best to chuck them all into ‘The Little Smart Jacket;’ a jacket that charge’s your phone, lights up and heats up.

As we entered one of the sales pitch we finally saw Sarah’s true calling as she strutted her stuff on her own make-shift catwalk down to the buyers. It’s was quite obvious she had wanted to apply for Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model but instead settled for The Apprentice.

The boardroom saw a first with Robert getting fired before the team even had a chance to visit the ‘loser’s café.’ This left only one person to blame and so we said goodbye to Scott who was barely able to conceal his anger, leaving just 17 candidates fighting it out to win The Apprentice 2014 and a £250,000 investment into their business idea.

Posted by Saskia Benjamin