Episode 4: A triple elimination!

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Welcome to my appraisal of The Apprentice episode four. Before the show was even underway I had already learnt one thing; Solomon still doesn’t know how to do his own tie. These are supposedly the country’s most business smart individuals and one of them still doesn’t know how to do his tie!

The task in this week’s show was to create a YouTube channel and generate as many views as possible. Ella Jade was appointed PM by Lord Sugar for team Tenacity while team Summit, who was also joined by Gemma, was led by Solomon.

Ella Jade who has experience in directing and producing claimed to be full of creative ideas however when it actually came down to the official brainstorming it was Katie and Filepe that drummed up the terrible idea of ‘Fat Daddy’s Fitness Hell’ a YouTube clip that turned out to be the most offensive fitness video I, and clearly most of the team had ever seen. Who in their right mind is going to use a fitness video where the trainer is calling the client a ‘fat daddy’?

When I first heard what this task was the first thing that came to my mind was food. So when Solomon suggested doing something creative and funny with food I said to myself, yes that’s going to win. We finally heard a voice from Gemma with a name suggestion; ‘Dare 2 Dine.’ Great name, however it’s a shame it didn’t really match the overly cringey video containing rubber chickens and a semi-naked James that was made to go with it which quite honestly sounds like some sort of bedroom nightmare.

So on one side we have team Tenacity being overly offensive while on the other we have team Summit being overly cringey. It was going to be a close call whoever came out on top. Both teams managed not to get promotions from online news and comedy giant BuzzFeed with a side note for team Summit to ‘kill James’ both teams lost out their promotion opportunity which meant that the winner of the week’s Apprentice was going to come down to which teams collaboration stars had the most subscribers.

So, with only 218 more views than team Tenacity Solomon, with a lot of help from Olly White, his collaborative blogger, led team Summit to their first Apprentice win. Four weeks in and Lord Sugar awarded them with the best prize yet. A trip to Iceland and a dip in the blue lagoons.

No surprise that Ella Jade decided to bring Sarah and Steven into the boardroom, both of which I actually felt bad for this episode. Sarah was constantly excluded from this task and was made time keeper and, Steven, who was so proud of his opening statement of his pitch ‘ In a 100 mile journey the most important step is the first step’ that he decided just to drop it out of nowhere in the boardroom. Ella Jade was not as safe as she thought she would be bringing Steven and Sarah into the boardroom. So, in the fourth week of The Apprentice we said goodbye to three candidates and two of the most irritating but funny and entertaining candidates we have had in the past 10 years of The Apprentice, leaving 12 candidates fighting it out.


Posted By Saskia Benjamin