Entrepreneurs told to stop meddling and start managing



TV shows like the Apprentice and Dragons’ Den can be credited as the inspiration behind many Brits deciding to become entrepreneurs or dream up great business ideas.


However, the reason most of them don’t get ahead in the game is because of their own failings, according to Professor Andrew Burke from Cranfield University School of Management.


For this reason, Professor Burke has told entrepreneurs to stop meddling and start managing – by leading and delegating responsibilities – otherwise they are at risk of never enjoying the sweet taste of success, Fresh Business Thinking reports.


Instead of focusing on ideas and considering ways to develop their business, many entrepreneurs become overly-fixated with administration and accounting, meddling in the jobs of the people the employ to take care of those very things.


If this sounds like you, stop interfering and trying to control every little thing – concentrate on the bigger picture instead. Your company will benefit much more from this approach.


Posted by the Secret Businessman