Does your company watch what it tweets?

VV 16 Dec

Does your business have a strong online presence? If not, you may want to rethink the way you use social media tools to boost your brand.

Social media tools not only help colleagues to keep in touch from every corner of the globe, but they also help companies to reach the people that matter to them most – customers.

A fundamental shift is taking place in the way people find your business and more importantly how your customers communicate with you. If you are trying to break into a global market, making use of social media is the most cost-effective, high-impact way to create a dialogue with consumers.

The way you utilise these tools and the strategies you employ can help to increase exposure, profitability, reputation and customer numbers. Social media platforms have a huge potential to innovate businesses of any size – small, medium or large.

However, the line between professional and personal social media sites is becoming increasingly blurred and companies are being urged to make sure business social media sites are not being abused or used in the wrong way – especially by employees.

Take poor Paris Brown, for example. The 17-year-old hired to be the UK’s first youth police and crime commissioner resigned from the post just days after her appointment. The reason? A tweet from her personal account which some deemed offensive.

And it’s not only youngsters who’ve fallen foul. One employee was recently involved in a disciplinary case after calling in sick for two days then proceeding to post images of herself on Facebook clearly not ill.

For companies who are looking to grow through social media, the best way to protect your business is to set out effective policies regarding use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Gemma Murphy, a solicitor at law firm Lester Aldridge LLP, recommends giving clear examples of unacceptable practices – such as disclosure of confidential information or harassment of employees. In addition, disciplinary and grievance procedures making specific reference to social media issues are essential so everyone knows where they stand.

Posted by the Secret Businessman